Veterans Group Aerospace Solutions easily coordinates with partnered  Overhaul and Repair facilities in order to help maintain our customers fleet. This gives our customers a more cost effective alternative to keeping their fleet safe and airworthy.
VGAS has a subcontracting agreement with some of largest and most respected wheel and break shops, avionics repair and instrument installation repair and calibration here in South Florida.  We also work with many certified repair shops for OEM’s such as:
Turbomeca          Hamilton Sundstrand          Rolls Royce          Eurocopter
Bell          Sikorsky          Dassault          Airbus          Boeing
In 2014, VGAS started Manufacturing a small amount of hardware and structural components for a few platforms that we do a lot of business on.  We look forward to continued growth and success which would allow us to build on our small scale manufacturing process that we have implemented.  Currently we are producing Clamps, Bolts and Structural Angles and Arms for the following aircraft:
UH-60     HH-65     UH-72     CH-53     CH-47     OH-58D     AH-1 series     AH-64 series
As VGAS continues to grow we expect our processes and ability to produce more parts in support of these aircraft will flourish.  We also can take a look at any drawing that you might have and let you know if it is something that we can handle at the current time.  We only work with qualified companies if we have to send out parts for certain types of heat treatments and per our quality system they must adhere to a high standard of quality themselves.  Everything that we manufacture is sent out to be tested before lots will be issued for distribution and those reports are always available for our customers.





We know that keeping up with all of the logistical nightmares of managing your supply chain can be difficult. VGAS has been developing two different bin management systems that we believe take all the pressure of worrying about keeping inventory and max/min levels accurate while meeting deadlines of the tasks at hand.
Our Self-Scan barcoding system is the first plan that we offer. We can either come directly to your facility or bring you into our facility for training. We can introduce you to the software options as well as the hardware options and teach you how to manage your own bins and keep accurate records by scanning your barcodes to make sure that we are accurately tracking your needs. We will help develop a plan of action with you and figure out the best solutions to cut down turn-around times and make sure that you are keeping the right inventory at the right levels.
We also offer our full-support service that we refer to as our Hands-On option. This service gives you full support of our capabilities. First, we develop a plan of action that best suits your company’s needs. We then come up with our most cost-effective options for your specific needs. We call it our “Hands On” option because VGAS will put one of our own employees in your facility or hanger in order to make sure that all processes run smoothly. All of the software and hardware options are the same as our Self-Scan option with the added advantage of having a VGAS employee on-site running full-time operations for you in order to cut down on mistakes/cost/liability.
With both options we look to help your business reduce its cost by
1. Reducing the inventory that you do not need on-hand
2. Reduce the cycle times between uses
3. Reduce cost of material
4. Reduce your outages of stock
5. Create kitting proposals in order to keep all material organized for specific tasks
6. Create a min/ max system in order to maximize efficiency
For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at VGAS for all the needs you may be looking to mainstream: QualityAssurance@vgas.us.
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